Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory meets both traditional and modern style preferences while improving residents’ ease of living.
Courtesy StudioSIX5/Michael Lowry Photography

At Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory, a 71,861-square-foot assisted-living and memory-care community in Marietta, Ga., interior design firm StudioSIX5 struck a transitional design balance by updating traditional elements with modern flair.

The community’s neutral color palette includes bright color accents and varied patterns to cater to a range of resident style preferences, whether they favor understated elegance or abstract designs.

“It seems upscale senior living design is desired in the area, especially for memory care,” says StudioSIX5 designer Katrina Rutledge. “By combining both traditional and modern designs, we've created an approachable environment that's fresh and stylish yet serene and relaxing.”

Common spaces at Arbor Terrace are intended to offer a sophisticated, cultured feel that's also warm and inviting, promoting socialization. Local artwork is showcased throughout, along with unique accent patterns and textures.

Developed by Aspire Development Partners and designed by Foley Design Architects, Arbor Terrace includes 50 assisted-living apartments and 29 memory-care units. StudioSIX5 outfitted the latter with custom furniture designed to minimize anxiety and make daily routines easier for residents living with dementia. Instead of standard closets, the designers incorporated built-in wardrobes with lockable cabinets that store clothing, shoes, and accessories to simplify the task of organizing one's belongings. The wardrobes also include a built-in display where staff can set out a few outfit options so residents don't become overwhelmed from too many choices.

Some traditional design materials can wear over time, Rutledge says. So instead of using a wooden reception desk and bistro bar, Arbor Terrace's designers incorporated geometric-beveled panels for a transitional look that's also durable and resistant to scuff marks from wheelchairs and walkers.