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MFE Concept Community 2023

Pandemic-related disruptions have accelerated technology in the multifamily industry. Multifamily stakeholders are tapping into innovative solutions to create efficiencies for their teams and provide better experiences for the renters. As part of the 2023 MFE Concept Community, experts will weigh in on the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology throughout the lifecycle of apartment communities—from construction and leasing to amenities and value-add rehabs.

Concept Community

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Work-from-Home Becomes Top of Mind for Value-Add Renovation Teams

Larger floor plans, co-working spaces, big-time walk scores factor large into... More

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Delivering Value for Residents

Packages are proliferating post-pandemic. How can property managers handle them... More

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3 Parking Problems Facing Property Owners

Experts share how tech solutions are helping to tackle the challenges in... More

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An ESG Advantage: Proptech Simplifies Measuring and Achieving Goals

ESG-focused technology continues to expand, aiding owners, operators, and residents. More

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Proptech Helps Renters’ Furry Friends Feel Right at Home

Pets are good for business, and technology improves the experience for all. More

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How Using Proptech Can Pay Off

Digital payment processing can make residents happier—and site teams more efficient. More

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3 Tips to Maximize Self-Guided Tours

Here’s how to streamline operations and increase closings with self-guided tours. More

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Finding the Silver Bullets in Multifamily Development Technology

Apartment development tech continues to face an uphill battle against ROI-minded... More

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5 Lessons for Selecting Technology

Apartment leaders share their tips on how to pick, pilot, and improve proptech... More

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