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Assurant Launches Tech Support Solution for Residents and Property Managers

Assurant TechPro will provide residents instant access to expert support via call... More

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Tech Support and Connected Ecosystems Could Boost Brand Perception

New research from Assurant shows that 86% of renters think adding a tech support... More

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Assurant Study Looks at Renters’ Changing Priorities

Moving to a more affordable property continues to be top reason for relocation. More

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Study Highlights Misconceptions About Renters Insurance

Respondents without coverage underestimate potential cost of replacing belongings... More

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New Study Shows Renters Seek Cost Reduction Options

Assurant shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting renters’ priorities. More

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Assurant Debuts FlexDeposit Security Deposit Claims/Collections Alternative

New service provides reduced security deposit rates for lower-risk residents. More

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Location, Location … Security: Renters Place High Value on Security

According to a new survey, over half of renters are willing to pay a higher rent... More

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How Well Are Renters Prepared for Theft or Property Damage?

Nearly 40% post their vacation status on social media. More

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