Zumper, one of the largest rental real estate platforms in North America, has introduced a new product, PowerLeads AI, to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze renters’ behaviors and, in turn, be able to predict if they will sign specific apartment leases. According to Zumper, this feature solves one of the biggest leasing challenges—inefficiency.

PowerLeads AI features three main components that will help leasing teams proactively identify prospective renters and provide a more efficient and personalized experience. Power Prospects identifies and flags renters who are statistically proven to be up to two times more likely to lease immediately. Its system will provide leasing agents with more than 50 unique renter characteristics that will help them meet renters’ needs. And PowerLeads AI provides access to real-time data allowing leasing teams to see a prospect’s interests.

“Our studies showed that the vast majority of leasing teams want a way to understand which prospects are more likely to lease, so we knew that it was vital to solve this challenge with an industry-first solution,” said Zumper chief growth officer Tanguy Le Louarn. “In fact, 78% believe having more data on prospects would help them convert more leads. By using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to provide predictive insights and data, we’ll not only provide higher-quality leads, we’ll also enable a faster leasing process.”

San Francisco-based Zumper’s free online and mobile rental search marketplace has more than 70 million users. PowerLeads AI is live as of March 11.