LCP Media / CORT Furniture Rental

National visual media technology company LCP Media has partnered with CORT Furniture Rental to redefine the apartment rental experience through immersive virtual staging solutions. Combining LCP Media's advanced virtual staging technology with CORT's extensive 3D assets, prospective residents can tour and visualize unit-level apartment spaces with CORT's furniture seamlessly integrated into the environment.

“Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for more unit level content from apartment renters. With tens of thousands of communities on LCP Media’s TourBuilder virtual tour platform, units are the most viewed areas on any given tours. Renters have shown an increased interest to visualize the units that are available to rent,” states Nick Harter, senior vice president of sales for LCP Media. “To partner with CORT and utilize their immense furniture library is a significant opportunity to enhance the apartment renting experience further and will allow LCP Media to furnish and bring life to empty units digitally.”

The collaboration introduces a unique opportunity for potential residents to directly rent showcased furniture seen during virtual tours, either directly from CORT or through their apartment community, while bringing life and warmth to otherwise empty units.

“CORT is committed to enhancing the apartment rental journey for both residents and property management companies,” says Jeff Rowe, executive vice president of business development for CORT. “Our integration with LCP Media’s virtual staging technology not only elevates the visual experience but also streamlines accessing and renting quality furniture, providing convenience and value to renters and property managers alike.”

LCP Media’s platform, Tourbuilder, is recognized as one of the largest virtual tour providers in the industry with over 12,000 tours live. Facilitating seamless integration with industry leaders, the platform is built entirely in-house and gives partners full control over the appearance and functionality of each tour.

Aiming to redefine apartment rentals, the new partnership enables renters to interact with fully furnished spaces and personalize their living environment remotely from any device.