Property management software provider Property Vista has launched its innovative Vida by Property Vista platform in the U.S. market. The expansion aims to empower multifamily property managers across the nation with advanced tools to streamline lead management and enhance the resident experience from initial contact to lease renewal.

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In the Canadian market, Property Vista has established a strong presence with nearly 300,000 units utilizing the platform. Equipped with user-friendly software and customer support, the company's decision to enter the U.S. market is driven by the increasing demand for innovative property management solutions.

"We are thrilled to debut Vida by Property Vista in the U.S. market," says CEO Leonard Drimmer. "Our goal is to provide property managers with the tools they need to manage leads more efficiently and ultimately increase occupancy rates. We've proven our platform does just that among our Canadian partners with nearly 300,000 units using the platform today and look forward to partnering with the U.S. multifamily industry just the same."

Because of its continuous efforts to enhance its software offerings based on customer feedback and industry trends, Vida is the latest addition to Property Vista's comprehensive suite of property management solutions. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence proptech, Vida’s suite of omnichannel services can capture, nurture, and convert leads to leases.

The platform automates lead tracking and email and SMS responses while gaining insights into lead behavior and preferences. Vida also has the ability to streamline workflow by integrating existing property management systems to reduce manual tasks.

"With Vida, we are addressing a significant problem in the proptech space directly correlated to inefficient processes and undersupported, decentralized technologies," says JP Gaconnier, chief product officer of Property Vista. "Our lead management solution allows users to focus on what matters most—providing excellent service to their prospects and residents."