Sensor-based building IoT technology can digitize the physical infrastructure of a building to monitor it remotely

Did you know that elevator buttons often contain 40 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat, that viruses live up to 24 hours on non-porous surfaces such as door handles, and 80% of sickness-causing germs spread via hands? We would never intentionally touch a public toilet seat, so why then do we not think twice about pressing an elevator button and then shaking someone’s hand?

COVID-19 has made us more sensitive to a countless number of truths: what really lives on the surfaces we touch, how can we monitor and maintain our physical assets without humans, and how do we ensure the health and safety of those who live or work in our buildings. It is time for a digital transformation. It is time to incorporate contactless connectivity in our business strategy to enable community and building residents to feel safer.

Technologies that are available today, or being accelerated by COVID-19, can allow us to have hands-free access throughout buildings, talk directly to faucets, understand how assets are utilized, and detect issues before they turn catastrophic. Below I share a few forward-thinking companies building physical and digital technologies and combining them through analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT to create experiences that are both interconnected and intelligent.

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