To redefine smart communities, multifamily-focused technology company Quext has acquired Homebase, a smart building technology platform that drives connectivity and communication for apartment communities.

“Today’s residents expect the latest in smart technologies, presenting an opportunity for apartment owners to not only meet the evolving needs of their residents but also achieve substantial income growth from their investments,” said Dave Marcincowski, partner at Quext. “By harnessing the combined strengths of Quext and Homebase, we’re poised to deliver the most comprehensive smart community solutions available in the market while advancing our mission to set a new standard of excellence in the multifamily space.”

According to the firms, the acquisition will provide multifamily operators with a comprehensive suite of smart community and managed Wi-Fi solutions in what will soon become a unified user experience.

The two firms and their platforms will continue to independently grow their products so that each customer base reaps the benefits while also working to evolve into a best-in-class single-user experience in the future. The unified platform will allow customers to choose from Quext’s LPWAN-based network with an embedded thermostat hub, a Homebase-style hub-less Wi-Fi network solution, or a combination of the services.

Homebase CEO Blake Miller has been appointed as chief product officer at Quext.

“This acquisition represents a significant leap forward for our development road map, bringing a substantial boost to our infrastructure and a tremendous opportunity to elevate our level of customer service for property managers and residents,” said Miller. “Together, we’re poised to enhance the value and profitability of buildings while ensuring a seamless transition and a brighter future for our valued customers.”