Today, most businesses have a pretty good grip on our new digital reality. In fact, it’s downright uncommon if a property development brand doesn’t have a website, communicate over email, or set aside some (if not most) advertising budget for digital or online marketing.

But too often, businesses overlook or underestimate the role mobile devices play in current digital trends, and the wisdom of integrating mobile into marketing, operational and revenue strategies.

After all, most of us are pretty much dependent on our smartphones and tablets to keep us informed, connected to colleagues and loved ones and empowered to take care of daily tasks whenever or wherever we want. And even though buildings are anything but virtual, multi-family property managers, developers and owners are in a unique position to leverage emerging technology for a whole slew of benefits.

In fact, integrating a mobile application for your building is an excellent way to delight tenants, streamline operations, and boost your bottom line.

Today’s consumers demand more convenience and control.

By now, most of us are used to doing lots of stuff on mobile devices while we’re on the go: shopping, scheduling appointments and making direct contact with someone without making a voice call. Why not do the same for your property? Give tenants an easy to way to schedule service appointments for unit repairs, request a valet, explore on-site amenities or contact the front desk—all from a single mobile app.

Reduce time and resources managing your property.

A mobile app also gives property management a powerful tool to reach all tenants with mass communications, or target certain tenants with specific messaging, without the cost or waste of paper-based messages. Let residents know when their packages arrive at the front desk, or when to expect someone to repair appliances within the unit. Best of all, the data and analytics from your mobile app can improve your business operations, too!

Rev up your overall ROI.

If your property holdings include mixed-use or retail stores, a mobile app is a must-have to drive more traffic and sales across your entire portfolio. Instead of wasting money with a “spray and pray” advertising approach, a mobile app can help you target the right people at the right time with highly personalized, contextual messaging that’s not only more affordable, but more effective, too. Including features like alerts and notifications based on geo-fencing drive more foot traffic to stores, especially if you offer a limited-time deal or discount to folks who are only a few steps away.

Integrating a mobile app experience for your multi-family property sooner, rather than later, distinguishes your brand and building from everyone else. Surprise and delight tenants with a kind of service and convenience they’re used to and give your team the tools to improve efficiency and profits - all from the palm of their hand.

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