Remote work has reshaped renter expectations. According to a 2022 report, high-speed internet is among the most in-demand amenities at multifamily communities. Renters expect their community to provide internet connectivity, and service levels are a primary factor in renters’ decision-making processes.

Managed Wi-Fi solves many issues associated with residential internet service and drives property performance through communitywide connectivity.

Exceeding Resident Expectations

Operators can exceed resident expectations with managed Wi-Fi systems that support remote work and establish fully connected communities. Remote workers are no longer restricted to a certain radius from their routers. High-speed Wi-Fi follows residents throughout their community—from in-home work nooks to pool decks, fitness centers, and rooftop lounges. This expands the remote workspace communitywide, creating a healthy work/home separation.

Empowering IoT

In addition to supporting work from home, managed Wi-Fi optimizes the impact of property and smart-home technologies to enhance the overall resident experience. Managed Wi-Fi empowers the formation of IoT networks through which tech elements in homes and communities work symbiotically to tap new levels of efficiency.

Efficient Operations

Managed Wi-Fi enables associates to utilize mobile platforms from the field—becoming remote workers themselves, untethered from the leasing office or maintenance shop. Reliable Wi-Fi that integrates with property management software (PMS) systems and spans entire communities improves maintenance response times. It facilitates real-time communication, seamless self-guided touring processes and access controls. When property teams have the tools and connectivity to manage all aspects of their communities through mobile devices, they more effectively serve residents and administer their communities.

Continued Evolution

As more Wi-Fi-based proptech and smart-home solutions are developed, the infrastructure to support growth and adaptation is essential. Managed Wi-Fi serves as the foundation for all tech platforms in the PMS stack, providing a reliable, continuous connection with the speed to serve residents as well as property functions. Operators offering managed Wi-Fi can evolve, remain current, deploy solutions that reshape the multifamily landscape, and position assets for increased value and future diversification.

Revenue Opportunity

Managed Wi-Fi presents an opportunity to significantly boost revenue and net operating income (NOI) through resident connection fees and establish a per-unit margin on service costs. Also, 24/7/365 third-party customer support connects residents with managed Wi-Fi providers for all questions and issues. Property teams save time and can focus on other areas of operations to improve the overall resident experience. The collective impact on resident satisfaction also leads to increased resident retention, further bolstering NOI.

Communities featuring managed Wi-Fi attract prospects, create a better resident experience, and operate more efficiently. As an essential amenity, managed Wi-Fi should not be reserved for luxury living. It is the new standard, and accessibility is vital. More operators are recognizing the benefits of communitywide connectivity and harnessing the power of managed Wi-Fi to accommodate the needs of all renters while equipping their communities for success.

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