SWTCH Energy

Virtual power plant (VPP) platform Leap and SWTCH Energy, a company pioneering electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for U.S. multifamily buildings, have partnered to utilize VPPs in New York and Massachusetts. Leap’s automated, software-only solution will allow SWTCH to integrate its EV charging network into new demand response.

“For too long, multifamily properties have been underserved by new energy technologies such as smart EV charging and VPPs, which is why we are so thrilled to partner with SWTCH,” says Jason Michaels, chief revenue officer at Leap. “Together we can put our best-in-class technology solutions to work at addressing this gap in the market.”

Leap says VPPs offer numerous benefits that include helping to offset rising electricity costs, lowering carbon emissions, and improving local grid reliability. Through SWTCH’s customer network that includes multifamily and commercial buildings, the partnership will extend these benefits to a wider pool of energy consumers.

“In collaboration with Leap, we’re tapping into the incredible potential of multi-tenant EV chargers to serve as paid flexible resources for the grid,” says Samuel Bordenave, chief financial officer at SWTCH. “Our new Leap-powered VPP offerings advance our commitment to providing affordable charging for tenants and helping our real estate customers maximize the value of their EV infrastructure.”

Over the past few years, Leap has grown exponentially by the proliferation of EVs and other distributed energy resources across the country. Leap announced new platform upgrades earlier this year that leverage automation. SWTCH recently announced $27.2M in Series B funding to scale its charger deployments across North America and advance its EV charging solutions, including SWTCH Control.