Smart lock manufacturer Latch is expanding its solutions catalog with Works With Latch, a new smart home product platform designed to work with the new Latch Hub, as well as partnerships with ecobee and Leviton that enable full-building smart ecosystem solutions for multifamily residents and operators.

Works With Latch provides centralized control of all of a building’s smart home devices, including ecobee thermostats or Leviton light switches. For residents, Works With Latch integrates with the Latch App, allowing for basic control of each smart device in the resident’s unit. Building partners receive access to seamless enterprise management, which allows property managers to monitor for leaks and provide increased energy efficiency and cost savings. Personal resident device data is kept private and visible only to the resident.

The Latch Hub is designed to enable the Works With Latch ecosystem in buildings without building-wide Wi-Fi. The hub connects to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connections to communicate with a building’s smart devices, including leak detectors in unoccupied units. The hub requires no setup for residents, whether or not Wi-Fi is available in the unit, and can serve as a backup communication path via cellular connection if the building has an internet outage.

Works With Latch and the Latch Hub will roll out through 2020.