Landing, which offers members an all-inclusive, flexible living experience via subscription, has launched a new platform that offers complete listing and guest management services for multifamily owners. Autopilot allows partners to take advantage of demand from Landing’s vetted extended-stay members, which can help increase consistency and revenue across assets.

“Over the past four years, Landing has become the choice membership for people seeking maximum freedom and flexibility over where and how they live,” said founder and CEO Bill Smith. “We’ve built a loyal and rapidly growing member base, and we’re thrilled to extend access to this demand from qualified renters. Autopilot offers our valued partners a holistic guest management experience that delivers the ultimate convenience and increased occupancy they can count on.”

Landing handles furnishing units, generating demand, and supporting members through Autopilot. Partners also receive dedicated representatives to streamline onboarding as well as on-the-ground support to assist with new residents and installations.

According to Landing, for property owners with excess inventory, Autopilot offers virtually instant demand through the firm’s nationwide community of members who are seeking fully furnished apartments. Partners also have access to Landing’s corporate housing demand and can leverage Standby, which can help minimize occupancy gaps and rapidly fill vacancies until a reservation is made at market rate.

“With Landing, we're able to maximize the value of our development with minimum hassle. The convenience is unmatched, and their membership model makes it simple to quickly fill our units with qualified residents, especially between longer-term stays through their Standby offering,” said Kevin Palka, CEO at MVP Equities. “We currently leverage Autopilot across 10% of our Sphere Apartments—in less than 60 days, we've filled 92% of them.”

Founded in 2019, Landing apartments are available in more than 375 cities across the nation.