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Conversion Logix, a leader in the marketing and technology space, has acquired, a marketing analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) startup, to charter a new course toward revolutionizing predictive leasing in multifamily housing.

Leveraging's advanced technology to develop a groundbreaking predictive leasing platform, Conversion Logix will combine its marketing expertise with analytics, predictive modeling, and tailored marketing recommendations to help property managers address budgeting and forecasting challenges.

"Our acquisition of is a game-changer for the industry. It propels us toward realizing our vision of building a predictive analytics solution that will not just forecast but shape the future of multifamily housing,” says Jeff Jobe, CEO of Conversion Logix. “With's AI prowess integrated into our operations, we're setting a new standard for innovation, efficiency, and client success in the market."

The software solution will anticipate property-level leasing trends and identify optimal marketing mixes and advertising budgets at scale, according to Conversion Logix. Equipped with these insights, property management companies will be able to maximize acquisition costs across their portfolios faster and more precisely.

Martin Stein, chief technology officer and co-founder of, says, "Joining forces with Conversion Logix is a thrilling prospect. Our technology, combined with their market reach and expertise, promises to deliver exceptional value to the multifamily housing sector, driving forward a new era of AI-enabled predictive insights and strategies."

Conversion Logix president Andrew Cederlind adds, "The future of multifamily housing is intelligent, predictive, and data driven. Our acquisition of is a critical step toward becoming the industry leader in predictive leasing, providing our clients with advanced solutions that redefine the property marketing landscape."