Multifamily and commercial technology leader ButterflyMX has acquired CloudKeyz, a cloud-based access control company, to further enhance its property access solutions. The acquisition expands ButterflyMX’s footprint and adds four new products to its award-winning access control platform.

ButterflyMX is relied upon by more than 7,500 buildings and 750,000 apartments for simple mobile-based property access. "ButterflyMX is transforming from a building entry system into a full building access control platform. And as we move forward, our customers’ needs remain top of mind, and our users motivate us to do whatever it takes to continue evolving,” explains Cyrus Claffey, founder of ButterflyMX.

Cyrus Claffey, founder, ButterflyMX
Courtesy ButterflyMX Cyrus Claffey, founder, ButterflyMX

“Incorporating CloudKeyz—whose team has developed unique products that transform how people live, work, and visit buildings—is the next step forward,” Claffey adds. Current and future customers will be equipped with four added access control devices, which fully integrate with the ButterflyMX OS, its online operating system. The acquisition also includes CloudKeyz’s assets and team.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the ButterflyMX team, they’re the leader in multifamily and commercial access control,” says Alex Viniychuk, chief technology officer of CloudKeyz. “By adding our access controllers, vehicle entry devices, and IP security cameras, the real estate industry no longer needs multiple vendors to monitor and control access into and throughout their entire property—they can now do it entirely with ButterflyMX.”

Access control devices include IP security cameras; gate and garage controllers for automatic vehicle entry; access controllers to make common spaces accessible from a mobile device; and card readers for keycards, key fobs, and Bluetooth-enabled access. These technologies will allow property owners and managers to manage building access remotely, incorporate their property management software and smart locks, and build individual workflows for building operations all from a smartphone or computer.

“At ButterflyMX, our mission is to provide the real estate industry with the best access control products and experiences. This pushes us to continue developing and acquiring solutions that solve today’s property access challenges,” says Aaron Rudenstine, CEO of ButterflyMX. “We know that acquiring CloudKeyz and its technologies will significantly enhance the ButterflyMX access experience for our current and future customers.”