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Most People Are Pro-Building—Just Not in Their Neighborhood

While nearly 80% of respondents of a Redfin survey say they support policies to... More

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Former Hotels Become Multifamily Housing

As the housing shortage grows, these four companies are creating multifamily units... More

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Proposed Office Building Conversions Could Add Housing to Virginia's Fairfax County

A live-work developer aims to convert two Merrifield office buildings into... More

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Regulation Accounts for More Than 40% of Multifamily Development Costs

Research conducted by the NAHB and the NMHC indicates changes to building codes,... More

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Tokyo Narrow-Lot Residential Complex Harnesses Natural Light via Corner Light Wells

The Fudomae Apartment With Six Voids is designed to supply daylight to all units. More

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Skilled Labor Shortages, Rising Costs Threaten Multifamily Deals

Market conditions and rent-restrictive housing policies stand in the way of new... More

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Local Action to Provide More Affordable Housing

Four ways municipalities can improve the success of gentrification. More

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How to Build in Risk-Prone Environments

It takes patience and perseverance to turn challenging building sites into... More

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Build Better Quality, Faster, at Less Cost

Hybrid products help achieve higher densities at costs well below concrete and steel. More

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