Water Conservation

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Q&A With Kairos Investment Management Co.’s Carl Chang

The executive discusses the firm's newest social impact program, upcoming... More

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Fannie Mae Hits Green MBS Issuance Milestone of $100 Billion

The GSE has been focused on multifamily green financing for over a decade. More

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Flo by Moen Introduces Water Security System for Multifamily Properties

Property managers can monitor and control water systems across all units from... More

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How Freddie Mac's Green Advantage Program Impacts Affordability

Water and energy improvements help cut utility bills for low- and middle-income... More

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Engaging Residents in Water Conservation

In an effort to curb water use, California affordable housing nonprofit Chinatown... More

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Holy Spikes! Have You Checked Your Utility Data?

Spikes in your energy usage could tell you where you're wasting money. More

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Smart Meters Are Water (and Wallet) Savers

Real-time water-monitoring solutions help keep multifamily property owners from flushing money down the toilet. More

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Automatic Leak Detector Protects Properties From Pipe Bursts

The improved FloLogic system can be installed above or below grade. More

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Exclusive Research: Resident Lifestyle Preferences: an Insight

This first-of-its-kind industry report, titled "Resident Lifestyle Preferences: An Insight," highlights the lifestyle desires of apartment residents nationwide, in a survey of more than 27,600 renters done exclusively in partnership with J Turner Research for Multifamily Executive. More

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