Upselling and Cross-Selling

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Keep the Keys: Secrets to Scoring Resident Renewals

Experts discuss the secrets to reducing resident turnover and increasing renewals. More

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Make the Case: What to Say to Those Moving Out for Homeownership

Experts note that although the single-family market is gaining momentum, it's not taking away from retention. More

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Eat, Pray, Merge: An Inside Look at the Essex-BRE Deal

A dinner with investors in November may have nudged BRE Properties to join forces with Essex Property Trust. More

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High Time: A Seller's Market?

Jared Kushner hadn’t been running New York–based Kushner Cos. long when he noticed something problematic in early 2007: He could no longer justify buying apartments. More

Cap Rate Outlook: Inflation vs. Investor Demand

Cap rates often rise when interest rates rise, but that may not be the case in many markets in 2014. More

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Green Certification as Marketing Tool

The true value of green certification programs goes far beyond the money you save; it’s more about the money you attract. More

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Point: Why 2014 Will Be a Seller’s Market

As single-property transactions and cap rates head to near-record levels, interest rates perk up, and inflation fears hover, some industry analysts (and even a few executives) have started to ask themselves—Is now the time to think about selling? More

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Looking Ahead: A Seller's Market in 2014

As cap rates continue to drop across the nation, and more international investors circle around multifamily, many pros expect to see even more of a seller’s market materialize in 2014. More

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Domino Effect

In assessing the biggest apartment transactions of 2013, ­it’s no surprise the Archstone/Equity Residential deal ranks first. But perhaps even more impressive is the number and size of the sales that ­occurred in its wake, some of which topped the billion-dollar mark. More

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Smart Strategy: A Developer's Condo Conversion Roadmap

The condo conversion landscape is littered with the ghosts of failed developers past. But smart companies like Embarcadero Pacific are resuscitating this once-moribund market. More

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