Stock Prices

Credit Crunch Cuts Defeasance Activity

When HVM Management Co. looked to sell a portfolio of seven communities in the Carolinas late last year, principal Hal McCoy realized most buyers would likely want to replace the lowleverage conduit loans on five of the properties, in order to minimize their equity contribution. More

Telling the Apartment Story

Phoenix—As apartment owners and developers gather here for this magazine’s annual conference, there’s a lot for them to feel positive about despite the nation’s economic downturn and the sinking stock market. More

Crisis of Confidence?

Asking real estate professionals what they think about the capital markets outlook for 2008 is like giving a Rorschach test to a manic-depressive. More


New York City—This September, as the housing credit crisis on Wall Street stretched into its third month, Moody’s Investors Service issued a report trumpeting the “great demand” for housing targeted to workers such as teachers, policemen, and nurses. More

Capital Crisis Hits Conduit Lenders

New York City—Loans are still available from most conduit lenders. But interest rates are much higher and underwriting terms much tougher than they were just a few months ago—and according to experts, some of these changes will be permanent. More

Defeasance Goes Discount

Earlier this year, something unusual started happening to multifamily borrowers with defeasance options. More

Gaining Control Over the Defeasance Process

Strong real estate appreciation, a low interest-rate environment, and a growing number of eligible loans are driving the growing use of the defeasance process among multifamily borrowers. More

Conduit Lenders Push the Limits

Pittsburgh, Pa. - An 80-year-old building in a tired neighborhood on the fringe of Pittsburgh’s central business district recently received an interest-only conduit loan. More

Doing Defeasance Right

As property-value appreciation has pushed real estate investors to pull out built-up equity, multifamily investors are gaining experience defeasing securitized mortgages. More

AFT Index stocks rebound

After sliding last month, AFT Index stocks came back into the positive column to end 1.91 percent higher than April’s close. More

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