Under Wraps

Talk about an anxious first quarter of the year for Seattle-based Security Properties More

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Limit Your Liability

Make sure your properties are adequately protected from security threats and lawsuits by conducting a formal assessment of your risk and installing products such as the ones we showcase this month. More

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Multifamily Video Surveillance in Vogue as Resident Amenity

Video surveillance and access control and monitoring systems lose their big brother stigma with a host of resident friendly amenity and multifamily back-end applications. More

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New Security Products

Owners and residents work together to thwart recession-related crime. More

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Experts Warn Multifamily Operators of Identity Theft Risks

The industry may be unprepared for a break of the vast amounts of personal data collected by multifamily companies on residents and employees alike that remains unsecured in either electronic databases or as paper hard copies. More

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Experts Say Sex Offenders Might Benefit from Apartment Living

An explosion in unregistered, transient sex offenders more apt to recidivism has experts wondering if the attempt to keep offenders out of market-rate and low-income housing is a good idea after all. More

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How-To Rid Your Property of Crime

A step-by-step guide on how to purge your property of crime--at a price you can afford. More

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Police Departments Set Up Shop in Apartments

At the Magnolia Trace Apartments in Florence, S.C., crime had gotten out of hand. So the building's property manager, Monica Willis-Jackson, a former police officer and part owner of the complex, took a drastic step. She furnished an unused unit and donated it to the Florence Police Department’s Community Action Team (CAT) to use as an office. And just so the troublemakers congregating on the property knew it was police, Jackson painted the door blue and had a barbeque to welcome the new neighbors. More

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Crime in the Multifamily Industry is No Laughing Matter

High-density apartments seem to be a hotbed of criminal activity, with little hope for relief save for a recovered economy. More

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Product Studio: Security and Locking Systems

Technology helps multifamily residents take control of their safety. More

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