Parking Lots and Structures

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The Correlation Between Parking and Reputation

Discover how Mark-Taylor Residential addressed parking issues and elevated the... More

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3 Parking Problems Facing Property Owners

Experts share how tech solutions are helping to tackle the challenges in... More

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How the Rise in EVs Will Steer the Multifamily Industry

Want to future-proof your property? Installing electric vehicle chargers is... More

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Seattle's Spire Condominium Tower Features Automated Parking System

The tower, now more than 40% sold, is located near the Space Needle. More

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The Convergence of COVID-19, Urban Design, and the Future of Multifamily Parking

Will the pandemic lead to a greater demand for urban parking? Developers and... More

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A Parking Garage Inspection Checklist for Building Managers

Free online resource includes questions, detailed visuals of damage. More

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Parking Spaces of the Future

Developers monetize empty parking areas even as they build adaptable new ones. More

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EdR’s $110M University of Hawai’i Community Is Under Way

Mixed-use project is being developed as a JV between EdR and Laconia. More

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Stat of the Week: Parking Lot Payday

The majority of renters are willing to pay up for a dedicated spot. But how much? More

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