ORA Power Rankings

ORA© Power Rankings
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Top 10 of the 2024 NMHC 50 Managers by ORA

Hawthorne Residential Partners takes top honors for third consecutive year. More

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2024’s Top ORA Properties in Every State and D.C.

Washington, D.C., remains at the top of the rankings for the 10th consecutive year. More

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The Nation’s Top Multifamily REITs Ranked by ORA and Einstein

Take a look at the REITs with the top honors in operational categories most... More

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2023’s Student Housing Winners by ORA

J Turner showcases last year’s top 100 off-campus properties and the top 10... More

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2023’s Elite 1% Properties for Excellence in Online Reputation

J Turner also announces the Einstein Best of Awards, which recognize on-site teams... More

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Register for the 10th Annual Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking Awards Show

J Turner Research and MFE will count down the top multifamily properties by online... More

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The Final Equation: A Recap of the 2023 ORA Power Rankings

Dive into the insights and milestones for online reputation this year. More

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The Top ORA Properties in the 25 Happiest Cities in America

Of the 115 properties listed in this ranking, 62% scored an ORA of 90 or higher. More

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2023’s Most Reputed Properties by ORA in the Top 26 to 50 MSAs

Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina, remains No. 1 in this group with an ORA of 69.7. More

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