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The Top ORA Properties in the 25 Happiest Cities in America

Of the 115 properties listed in this ranking, 62% scored an ORA of 90 or higher. More

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Holiday Event Ideas to Treat Your Residents and Teams

Build a sense of community with these 8 festive activities. More

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The Correlation Between Parking and Reputation

Discover how Mark-Taylor Residential addressed parking issues and elevated the... More

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2023’s Most Reputed Properties by ORA in the Top 26 to 50 MSAs

Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina, remains No. 1 in this group with an ORA of 69.7. More

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What Does Today’s Student Housing Say About Tomorrow’s Apartment Renters?

Understanding Gen Z's preferences can provide insights for apartment operators. More

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Introducing the Rising 1K: ORA Power Ranking

Find the top properties that have made significant improvements in their online... More

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J Turner Releases 2023 Division Ranking Winners by ORA

Top companies for online reputation include Wood Residential, Shea Apartments,... More

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Converting Positive Experiences Into Online Reviews

Learn 4 best practices for boosting a positive online reputation through 5-star... More

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