MFE Concept Community 2022

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The High-Tech Experience: How to Secure Renters

Discerning tastes and disposable incomes make renters by choice a premium... More

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Higher Interest Rates Shock Developers

Inflation already has increased the cost of construction. Now higher interest... More

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Getting Together: How to Build Community for Renters by Choice

Explore the exciting ways—many hyperlocal and highly personalized—that developers... More

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The Modern Value-Add Approach for Locking in Renters

Get insights into how a power play of location, amenities, service, and... More

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Design Features to Wow Renters by Choice

Learn how designers and developers are creating distinctive character and all the... More

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4 Must-Have Amenities to Retain Residents

From fitness to pets, operators share how they’re meeting renters’ preferences. More

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The Rise of Renters by Choice

Multifamily industry expert Kimberly Byrum on renting when money isn’t the issue. More

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