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Give Pests the Cold Shoulder This Winter

Make sure you don't attract any occupants but humans this season. More

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New Maintenance Training Program Meets Industry Need

Maryland course provides free training for skilled residential techs. More

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How to Manage Pests During Renovations and Construction

Without the proper precautions, you could unwittingly build rodents and other... More

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5 Things Residents Need to Know About Pests

In an ideal world, all residents would do their part to keep their units—and, in... More

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Lowe's to Buy Maintenance Supply Headquarters

Company says $512 million deal will allow it to better serve the multi-family... More

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Wireless HVAC Units Aim for a Smarter Temperature

A new pilot program will let managers and residents remotely monitor and control heating and cooling units. More

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Smart Meters Are Water (and Wallet) Savers

Real-time water-monitoring solutions help keep multifamily property owners from flushing money down the toilet. More

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Student Housing Winter Break To-Do List

Campus Apartments' Miles Orth suggests ways to keep student housing apartments safe and secure while residents are away for several weeks. More

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