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Associations Oppose Final WOTUS Rule Under Clean Water Act

According to the associations, the expanded WOTUS definition creates confusion and... More

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Over 4.7 Million Emergency Rental Assistance Payments Made Through February

Approximately $30 billion in assistance has been spent or obligated. More

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Treasury: High Percentage of Rental Assistance Delivered to Most Vulnerable

Over three-quarters of emergency rental assistance reached very low-income... More

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Treasury Distributes $2.9 Billion in Emergency Rental Assistance in November

More than $1 billion will be distributed in the first round of ERA 1 reallocation. More

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Emergency Rental Assistance Surpasses 2.5 Million Payments

In October, state and local governments aided more than 500,000 renters and... More

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Renters Strike Back as Cities Cap Price Hikes by Landlords

The revival of rent control policies long derided by economists, including one of... More

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Montgomery County Caps Rent Increases Through May 2022

Law also temporarily bars landlords from charging late payment fees. More

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Quick Fixes Won’t Solve America’s Housing Challenges

NMHC’s Doug Bibby shares why it’s time to get serious about solutions. More

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More Than 420,000 Households Received Emergency Rental Assistance in August

Since January, state and local governments have made over 1.4 million payments and... More

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