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Smart Tech Pays Off for Multifamily Operators

Residents will pay more for digital amenities. More

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Tech Towers

Apartment owners focus on the digital core to keep up with amenities. More

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How to Make Smart Home Technology Work for Your Properties

Automated platforms and connected technology can benefit your residents and your... More

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Will Renters Pay More for a 'Technology Concierge'?

Platform helps operators offer residents convenient tech monitoring and support. More

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Micro-Influencers: What They Are and How They Can Increase Your Renewals and Lease-ups

These social-media users are also your residents; use them to talk up your brand. More

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Tangled Web Connections

New efforts to increase choice of Internet service providers could deter broadband... More

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The New Tech and Telecom Landscape

The Trump administration makes changes to leadership at the FCC, creating more... More

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5 Ways to Boost Occupancy With Online Marketing

Tips for improving your leads through a better digital strategy. More

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EdR: What Gen Z Wants and Needs to See Online

The top student-housing firm for online reputation shares its secrets with... More

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