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The Art of Technology Enablement According to P.B. Bell

The Phoenix multifamily operator succeeds with some well-tested rules. More

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Do Smart Home Features Appeal to Baby Boomer Renters?

Apartment features that offer safety, convenience, and control top the list for... More

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Connectivity Certification Launches in North America

WiredScore Home certification will help multifamily operators demonstrate higher... More

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4 Ways Case & Associates Wins Business Through Tech Innovation

One new technology generates a 20% penetration bump in some properties. More

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Six Trends for Maximizing the Virtual Leasing Experience

No. 1 you can probably guess. The other five may offer surprises for 2021 and beyond. More

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Gen Z May Be Willing to Trade Data Privacy for Enhanced Services

As the first generation to grow up with the internet, Gen Z renters tend to live... More

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Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Reach Gen Z

Robust social media efforts can be a significant marketing strategy for... More

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Smart Apartment Technology is a Must for Gen Z

The newest wave of renters wants convenience, compatibility, and control. More

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5 LBM Trends for a New Decade

What you do and what you sell could both see big changes. More

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