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The Hidden Truth of Online Reputation

The best defense may be a good offense when ORA points are scored. More

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The Surprising Truth about Multifamily Investments

This global apartment owner sweats every detail, especially the kitchen faucet. More

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Is This the Way Out of COVID-19 Uncertainty?

It’s surprising how this company’s technology has transformed the multifamily... More

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One of the Biggest Threats to the Apartment Industry is Cyber Risk

Do you have a managed security program? More

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It’s Time to Silence This Common Noise Complaint

A surprising strategy that wins tenant loyalty and lowers marketing costs. More

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What you should look for in a smart-home tech partner

How to identify a provider that can meet your needs—and your residents’ expectations. More

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A Whole New Meaning to Low-Cost Luxury

It’s time to remove the price attached to creating a rich living space. More

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Multifamily Executives Are Not Paying Attention To This, But They Should Be

This one area in today’s complex buildings shouldn’t go unnoticed. More

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Track Calls to Leases in 3 Easy Steps

Find out which ad sources are working for you and identify those you shouldn’t... More

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