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Renter Interest in Homeownership Rises in Q1 2017

TransUnion analysis: Growing number of mortgage shoppers are renters—and millennials. More

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National Credit Card Debt Rises $21.9B in Q3 2016

The amount is “on a collision course” with $1 trillion, says WalletHub. More

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TransUnion Finds Post-Recession Renters Are Lower Risk, More Credit Active

Nearly 39% of 2015's renters had a credit score above 660. More

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Residents’ Credit Scores May Be Plateauing, TransUnion Finds

Credit scores on rental applications are still slightly improving, but at a much... More

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Rent Reporting Helps Subsidized Renters Build Credit

A new study from Experian RentBureau released in August 2014 reveals that affordable housing renters have a lot to gain from having positive rental payments reported to credit bureaus. More

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Digital Rent: Online Payment Systems Evolve

Property managers have long dealt with the caveats of using online payment systems, but some new options are making the process a bit easier. More

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Screen Test: Major Credit Bureaus Sharpen Tenant Screening

Tenant screening has come a long way since its inception. The three major bureaus are much more accurate in how they portray residents, and the information is finally growing more consistent from bureau to bureau. More

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Cash or Credit?

Rental payment history may be more valuable than credit history in differentiating good renter prospects from bad. More

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Cross Check

Rather than focusing on a prospect’s credit score, screening professionals stress... More

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Home Financing Stays Tough

Home Financing Stays Tough More

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