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Fannie Mae Initiates Rent Payment Reporting Pilot

The government-sponsored enterprise will cover the costs of the program for... More

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BH and Esusu Partner on Rent Reporting Pilot

Over 9,800 renters have improved their credit scores in the first six months of... More

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WalletHub Study Ranks Median Credit Score by City

Villages in Florida ranks No. 1; Camden, N.J., worst, at No. 2,572. More

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Big Data Minimize Evictions, Fraudulent Renters

Traditional applicant background checks combined with predictive-analysis tools... More

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National Credit Card Debt Rises $21.9B in Q3 2016

The amount is “on a collision course” with $1 trillion, says WalletHub. More

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TransUnion Finds Post-Recession Renters Are Lower Risk, More Credit Active

Nearly 39% of 2015's renters had a credit score above 660. More

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PayLease and PayPal Partner to Offer Renters More Mobile Pay Options

A convenience for residents, a smoother collection process for property managers. More

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Residents’ Credit Scores May Be Plateauing, TransUnion Finds

Credit scores on rental applications are still slightly improving, but at a much... More

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