Building Maintenance

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HappyCo Debuts AI-Powered Centralized Maintenance Platform

With real-time resident updates and scheduling, the custom-trained AI platform... More

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5 Leasing and Maintenance Services to Streamline Property Management

These platforms make processes easier for both residents and operators. More

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New Maintenance Training Program Meets Industry Need

Maryland course provides free training for skilled residential techs. More

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Preserving Affordable Housing: Best Practices

It's more important than ever to preserve the stock we already have. More

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How to Manage Pests During Renovations and Construction

Without the proper precautions, you could unwittingly build rodents and other... More

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5 Things Residents Need to Know About Pests

In an ideal world, all residents would do their part to keep their units—and, in... More

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Blackfin Set to Close on Quarterfield Crossing in Glen Burnie, Md.

New firm enters 2017 with its inaugural deal and first new hire. More

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Bedbugs Still a Constant Risk

It’s almost inevitable this difficult-to-detect pest will find its way into at... More

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