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DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: From the Ground Up – Best Practices in Construction - Chuck Konas

Chuck Konas, executive vice president, head of construction and property services at Post Properties, digs into the details of construction efficiencies. His tips are key to maximize results. More

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Advocating for Fresh Air in Homes

HIVE panelist and entrepreneur Bill Hayward has a passion for cleaner indoor air More

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Net Zero Energy Buildings: The Challenge for Multifamily

The trend toward energy-efficient, high-performance building continues to gather... More

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Embracing Universal Design: Better Living for Baby Boomers

Universal design principles will be a key consideration as the baby boomer generation ages. Here, KTGY’s Manny Gonzalez talks about some of the most important aspects of universal design—including the need to keep it invisible. More

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The Best, and Worst, REITs for Online Reputation

As a group, the public REITs slightly outperform the national ORA© Score average,... More

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Hacked! Seven Tips for Preventing and Managing a Data Breach

Data breaches aren't going to stop any time soon, so you may as well be prepared for one. More

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