Best Practices

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Vitamin D–Fortified Design

SOM looks at design that responds to Vitamin D deficiency. More

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Combating Social Isolation With Design

Concept Community is meant to foster resident interaction. More

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Challenging Housing to Respect Our Minds and Bodies

SOM focuses on health, well-being in design of 2018 MFE Concept Community. More

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Shrinking the Carbon Footprint While Promoting Well-Being

AMLI shares the impact of housing size and type on sustainability goals. More

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The Future of Housing Will Embody Healthful Living

2018 MFE Concept Community to produce housing that promotes wellness. More

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Multifamily Industry 'Ready for Modular'

BGO Architects receives 'overwhelming' response to this year's MFE Concept Community. More

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Energy Codes Are Biggest Driver in Sustainable Development

Research: Developers tend to opt for "bare minimum" in energy efficiency. More

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Bringing Efficiencies to All Aspects of Future Developments

The Next-Gen Concept Community demands better performance, ROI. More

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Video: Steadfast Grows With Value-Add Play

Bill Stoll, EVP real estate, talks strategy in this short video. More

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