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Rental Brings Luxurious Downsizing to Baltimore Exurb

Wood Partners appeals to empty-nesters seeking rental living with an amenity- and... More

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Multigenerational Households Are Here to Stay

Often thought to be a product of the recession, the trend—driven largely by older adults and immigration—has been growing for decades. More

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Empty-Nest Buyers Buy Downstairs Master Suites in Tustin, Calif.

William Lyon Homes has found a niche for older home buyers on the edges of Irvine, Calif. More

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As Boomers Turn 65, Universal Design Takes The Spotlight

More than 2.5 million boomers will turn 65 this year. Are their houses ready for them? More

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Green Housing Comeback Predicted

For many American consumers, the recession has put interest in sustainable housing on hold. More

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As Generational Torch is Passed, Industry Experts See Similarities In What Aging Boomers and Millennials Will Want

Both groups seek authenticity, “excitement,” and a community that reflects their individuality. More

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Universal Design Holds Universal Appeal

Winners of AARP’s 2010 Livable Communities Awards blend good looks with comfort, convenience, and safety for all ages. More

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MFE 2009 Awards, Senior Housing

Merrill Gardens at Kirkland wins 2009 MFE award for senior housing project of the year. More

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Builders Adjust to a Recessionary Labor Market

They aren't having trouble finding workers now, but some worry about the availability and cost of skilled subs once market conditions improve. More

Declining Homeownership Rate May Create Older, Wealthier Rental Pool

A growing wave of older and wealthier households is poised to enter the rental pool, according to market research firm Property and Portfolio Research (PPR). While those aged 35 to 54 are typically in their prime homeownership years, the decline in homeownership rates and household wealth for this age group, combined with mounting job losses and tighter underwriting standards, will likely push more of them into rentals. More

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