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2016 MFE Concept Community

MFEConceptCommunity 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Concept Community, the Next-Gen Apartment. This year, Multifamily Executive will take a deep-dive into the technology wants and needs of the youngest generation of renters, Gen Y, and the next generation, Gen Z with our industry partners Waterton, Humphreys & Partners and J Turner Research.

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The 2016 Multifamily Concept Community

Mark Humphreys, CEO, and Walter Hughes, Vice President/Design Director, Humphreys & Partners, showcase the changes that are occurring across the industry, culminating in the futuristic design of this year's Concept Community. More

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Stat of the Week: Kitchen Considerations

What kinds of countertops and stovetops do renters desire the most? More

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Stat of the Week: Tech Amenities

Which in-unit and common-area technology amenities are the biggest hit? More

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Cost Conscious: What Renters Want in the Next-Gen Apartment

The results of MFE's groundbreaking survey of nearly 85,000 renters. More

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Stat of the Week: EV Charging Stations

The majority of electric vehicle owners will pay more in rent to have a station... More

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Stat of the Week: Special (In-Unit) Delivery

Many renters will let on-site staff deliver items when they're not home. More

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Reaching Millennials Through Integrated Marketing

Selling a sense of community to young renters requires a coordinated call to action. More

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Stat of the Week: The Gated-Community Premium

Most renters will pay to live in a gated community. More

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Freddie Mac Unveils New Green Loan Program

Eligible borrowers can increase the amounts of their loans by up to 75%. More

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Stat of the Week: Parking Lot Payday

The majority of renters are willing to pay up for a dedicated spot. But how much? More


Meet the Players

  • Joseph Batdorf
    Joseph Batdorf
    Joseph Batdorf co-founded J Turner Research, one of the nation's leading providers of market research specific to the multifamily industry, in 2003. He currently serves as the company's president. Prior to launching J Turner Research, Batdorf was founder and president of AmRent, where he pioneered innovations in the resident screening business, including sophisticated data-gathering techniques and an automated system to instantly score a prospect. Batdorf currently serves on the National Multifamily Housing Council Advisory Committee.
  • Doug Pearce
    Doug Pearce
    Doug Pearce serves as senior vice president of technology at Waterton, where he’s responsible for all technology used at the corporate offices, as well as all multifamily and hospitality communities. Pearce is charged with implementing strategic solutions, improving technology platforms, realigning the IT department, among other responsibilities. A lifelong “techie”, Pearce brought over 28 years of information technology and leadership experience to Waterton in 2013. Prior to that, he was the head of IT at Henderson Global Investors.
  • Maxwell Peek
    Maxwell Peek
    Maxwell Peek serves as an executive vice president of investments and new business initiatives with Waterton. Peek—responsible for the acquisition and disposition of over $2.5 billion in multifamily properties during his tenure—currently oversees the Eastern U.S. investment team, and focuses on new business development for Waterton. He also serves on Waterton’s Product Development Committee, and is a founding member of the company’s Innovation Committee. Notably, Peek sits on the Board of Directors for Elmspring, a real estate technology accelerator that Waterton has partnered with to promote disruptive technologies in the real estate industry.
  • Mark Humphreys
    Mark Humphreys
    Mark Humphreys is co-founder and CEO of Humphreys & Partners Architects, now celebrating its 25th year. The company’s forward-thinking designs and top talent has positioned it as one of the nation’s premier multifamily architectural firms. With a portfolio spanning 49 states, Humphreys & Partners Architects has built more than 350,000 units of multifamily housing. Additionally, the company never really closes with six international offices working while the U.S. sleeps. His firm has developed "The Big House"®, e-Urban® and the ground-breaking e-Max® for apartments, and the Home-Rise® for high-rise residential. Humphreys is a member of NAHB's Multifamily Leadership Board and Multi-Housing Council, Urban Land Institute, DCFR (Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations), and the American Institute of Architects.
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