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Bedbugs are found in apartment buildings, hotels, single-family homes, and even recently Hawaii’s Honolulu airport.

While not known to transmit diseases, the small wingless insects have long been a pest, irritating people with their bites. They also can be a big problem for landlords.

“Bedbugs have been noted to be one of the top three problems for property managers, building managers, housing authorities, and others in terms of running a business or managing a property,” says Joseph Latino, president of Allergy Technologies.

As part of Bedbug Awareness Week, June 4-10, here are several key points for property owners.

1. Be Prepared. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends landlords find out what regulations apply to your location. There could be reporting and/or response requirements. It’s also important to educate yourself and your team on how to identify and inspect for bedbugs.

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