In March, the ORA Power Ranking series features two significant rankings: the top residential (multifamily) REITs for 2020 based on their ORA (online reputation assessment) scores and a new ORA ranking for the senior housing industry—the top 50 senior housing properties by ORA. The top REITs ranking includes private, public listed, and public non-listed REITs listed by NAREIT and it is based on ORA scores as of December 2020.

Top 10 REITs

Preferred Apartment Communities is the number one multifamily conventional REIT for 2020 with an ORA of 80.61. It ranked second last year. Close on its heels, at the second spot, is AvalonBay Communities, Inc. with an ORA of 80.52.

Preferred Apartment Communities has overtaken AvalonBay Communities, Inc. the number one REIT for four consecutive years, to claim the top spot in 2020.

MAA has retained its third position with an ORA of 79.58. To view the complete list of the top 10 REITs, please scroll below.

The average ORA score of the REITs is 73.47; the national average ORA score is 65.73. This is the sixth annual multifamily REIT ranking based on online reputation.


Top 50 Senior Housing Properties

J Turner Research is introducing ORA Power Ranking to the senior housing industry by featuring the top 50 senior housing properties by ORA for 2020. This ranking is based on ORA scores as of December 2020. We monitor the online reputation of more than 6,100 properties in this industry.

The No. 1 senior housing property for 2020 is The Retreat at Trinity (Trinity, Florida), managed by Greystar, with an ORA of 99.

At the second position is Healdsburg, a Pacifica Senior Living Community (Healdsburg, California), managed by Pacifica Senior Living, with a 99 ORA. For properties with the same ORA scores, the property with the greater number of reviews ranks higher.

At No. 3 is Good Samaritan Society–Beatrice (Beatrice, Nebraska), managed by Good Samaritan Society, with a 98 ORA. To see the complete list of the top 50 senior housing properties, please scroll below.

The top three operators managing the most reputed senior housing properties for 2020 are: Five Star Senior Living with six properties, Greystar and Independence Village Senior Living with five properties each, and WRH Realty Services with four properties.

To be eligible for the introductory senior housing ranking, a property had to register an ORA score of 94 or higher with a minimum of 20 online reviews on at least two review sites. The property should also be operating with residents. The average ORA score of the top 50 senior housing properties is 75.44.


About the ORA Power Rankings

Developed by J Turner Research, the ORA Power Rankings are a monthly, independent ranking of apartment properties and management companies based on their Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) scores. A property or management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking, which is published by J Turner’s media partner Multifamily Executive. To learn more or to request your ORA score, visit


The ORA score is an aggregate compilation of a property’s ratings across various review sites and ILSs. Each month, J Turner Research monitors the online ratings of more than 122,000 properties nationwide. Using a statistical model, a single score based on a scale of 0 to 100 is assigned to each property. This score serves as a benchmark to compare a company’s individual properties and portfolios nationally, regionally, and against the competition.