This month's edition of the ORA power rankings seeks to find out which major metros have the most satisfied renters, and which properties in those cities have the most stellar reputation.

The top MSAs for online reputation were primarily concentrated in the Northeast and Southwest, with Chicago being the only real outlier. Texas and California each had three MSAs make it to the Top 10, including Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, and San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles, respectively.

At the top of the heap are Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago with average ORA scores of 55. San Diego came in at 53 while Phoenix, Dallas, and Los Angeles all tied at 52. Houston rounded out at 51, and San Antonio and San Jose battled out in a two-way tie for the 10th spot, with averages of 50.

Of the top properties in each MSA, three companies each had three communities make the cut: Cedarbrook Corporation, IPA, and AIMCO. Cedarbrook's three properties were in San Jose; IPA's three properties are all in Phoenix; and AIMCO went coast-to-coast, with three properties across San Diego and New York. Close behind were Bozzuto (two properties in New York), Hawthorn Residential Partners (two properties in San Antonio) and Greystar (two properties in Houston).

The top property overall, Mesa Pines managed by Pan American Properties in Costa Mesa, Calif., scored an ORA reading of 93. 

In the map below you can see the top 10 metros ranked by size of the circle, and when you rollover each metro, its top five properties for online reputation will pop up.