In reviewing the performance of the top ten multifamily REITs with regards to online reputation, we observed an overall increase of five percent in their ORA™ scores since February 2016. The national average ORA score stands at 56.75.

Among the REITs, who made the biggest leap in online reputation? Monarch Properties, Inc. emerged on top with an 18 percent increase in its ORA score since February. Monarch scored 55 as compared to 46 earlier; improving it’s ranking from the ninth position to the seventh position this month.

The next REIT to make substantial progress is UDR, Inc. UDR registered a nine percent increase in its ORA score, from 58 previously to 63 this month. UDR maintained its hold on the fifth position among top 10 REITs.

With a seven percent increase in ORA, the third in line is Equity Residential. It upped its score from 51 to 54 this month to rank eighth in the overall ranking.

Camden Property Trust and Steadfast Companies both improved their online reputation scores by five percent since February. Camden’s ORA jumped from 66 to 70, while Steadfast’s improved from 53 to 55.

2016 Rank REIT
ORA Score Change in ORA Score from Feb. 2016
1 AvalonBay Communities, Inc 78 +1
2 Post Properties 74 +2
3 AIMCO 72 +1
3 MAA 72 +1
4 Camden Property Trust 70 +4
5 UDR, Inc. 63 +5
6 Essex Property Trust, Inc. 56 +2
7 Steadfast Companies 55 +2
7 Monarch Properties 55 +9
8 Equity Residential 54 +3

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In an ongoing series of ORA™ Power Rankings, MFE periodically publishes a new ranking of apartment properties and management companies based on different parameters. The ORA™ Power Rankings is powered by J Turner Research. To arrive at the aggregated score, J Turner Research tracks and analyzes the online reputation of more than 61,000 apartment properties across all review websites on a monthly basis. To overcome the challenge of multiple ratings scales, the company has devised a statistical model to establish a single score for each property. This score, based on a 0 to 100 scale, serves as a benchmark to compare and contrast individual properties and portfolios nationally.

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