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In March, we feature the top residential REITs by their online reputation assessment (ORA) score and introduce a new concept of ranking companies based on Einstein. Einstein is J Turner Research’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tool that analyzes and categorizes survey and review commentary by sentiment in 22 operational categories to outline the challenges and positives of a single property or company.

The multifamily REITs featured in this power ranking include 15 private, public, and public non-listed REITs listed by NAREIT.

Top REITs by ORA

Veris Residential, with an ORA of 83.16, is the No. 1 REIT in the nation for online reputation. BSR ranks second with an ORA of 80.93, and MAA comes in at third with an ORA of 80.68. The REITs are ranked based on their ORA scores as of December.

The average ORA score of the REITs is 71.65 compared with the national average of 62.88.

This is the 10th annual multifamily REIT ranking based on ORA scores. For a complete list of the top REITs by ORA, refer to the table below.

** Properties are managed by BH Management
** Properties are managed by BH Management

REITs Ranking by Einstein

At J Turner Research, we believe that the information provided by residents voluntarily in online reviews offers invaluable insights into resident experience and guidance to the multifamily companies on their operational strengths and challenges versus competition. Over the last three years, we have worked extensively to leverage our 20 years of multifamily experience and combine it with the power of AI to develop Einstein. Einstein is an avant-garde, proprietary tool that analyzes and classifies individual review comments by positive and negative sentiment into 22 operational categories specific to the multifamily industry. These categories have been determined following an in-depth analysis of over 2 million reviews.

In 2024, we introduce a ranking of the multifamily REITs listed by NAREIT based on Einstein’s top five categories—Customer Service, Communication, Maintenance, Cleanliness, and Security. These categories are most often mentioned in reviews and have the highest correlation to resident satisfaction.

To rank the REITs based on Einstein’s top categories, we analyzed all reviews for all properties under each firm for the past 12 months. In total, Einstein analyzed over 380,283 online reviews for these REITs. Any ties among the REITs were broken based on their ORA scores.

The No. 1 REIT in each category is:

  1. Customer Service: BSR
  2. Communication: BSR
  3. Maintenance: Veris Residential
  4. Cleanliness: BSR
  5. Security: BSR

For a complete ranking of the 15 REITs, please refer to the table below.

** Properties are managed by BH Management
** Properties are managed by BH Management

About the ORA Power Rankings

Developed by J Turner Research, the ORA Power Rankings are a monthly, independent ranking of apartment properties and management companies based on their online reputation assessment (ORA) scores. A property or management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking, which is published by J Turner’s media partner Multifamily Executive. To learn more or to request your ORA score, visit


The ORA score is an aggregate compilation of a property’s ratings across various review sites and ILSs. Each month, J Turner Research monitors the online ratings of more than 140,000 properties nationwide. Using a statistical model, a single score based on a scale of 0 to 100 is assigned to each property. This score serves as a benchmark to compare a company’s individual properties and portfolios nationally, regionally, and against the competition.