In September, we continue to spotlight the most populous metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the nation. We feature the 26th to 50th most populous MSAs, share each’s average Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) score, and name the top 10 properties in each of these MSAs by ORA.

The top 25 MSAs and the top ORA properties in each were featured in August. The final installment of the MSA ORA Power Ranking (51st to 75th MSAs) will be featured in October.

To view the complete list of the most reputed properties in the 26th to 50th most populous MSAs, please scroll below.

At the MSA Level

The average ORA score for the 26th to 50th most populous MSAs is 66.92, which is marginally higher than the national average score of 66.42.

Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina, is the most reputable MSA among apartment renters with an ORA of 74.27. Hanover Lake Boone (Raleigh) managed by Hanover Co., is the No. 1 property in this MSA with an ORA of 98.

At No. 2 is the Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis MSA with a 70.66 ORA. The top property in this MSA is DoMUS (Milwaukee), managed by Mandel Group with a 95 ORA.

Management Company Tally

The management companies that manage the most stellar properties by ORA in this MSA ranking are: Greystar (23); Tri City Rentals and Redwood Homes (six each); and Bell Partners, RAM Partners, and Lincoln Property Co. (five each).

At the Property Level

Among the 250 properties listed in this ranking, 177 (71%) scored an ORA of 90 or above. The property with the highest ORA score in this ranking is Hanover Diridon (San Jose, California) with a score of 99.

About the ORA Power Rankings

Developed by J Turner Research, the ORA Power Rankings are a monthly, independent ranking of apartment properties and management companies based on their ORA scores. A property or management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking, which is published by J Turner’s media partner Multifamily Executive. To learn more or to request your ORA score, visit


The ORA score is an aggregate compilation of a property’s ratings across various review sites and ILSs. Each month, J Turner Research monitors the online ratings of more than 128,000 properties nationwide. Using a statistical model, a single score based on a scale of 0 to 100 is assigned to each property. This score serves as a benchmark to compare a company’s individual properties and portfolios nationally, regionally, and against the competition.