Revel Communities and Cloudastructure recently partnered to enhance the innovative security measures for Revel’s 13 independent living communities and residents. Marking Cloudastructure’s entrance into the senior living sector, the cloud-based surveillance security platform and services are first being piloted at one of Revel’s communities before expanding to the other 12.

“The safety and security of our residents is of the utmost priority for Revel Communities. This, in combination with our technology-forward focus, led us to partner with Cloudastructure,” says Danette Opaczewski, chief operating officer and executive vice president of resident experience at Revel. “Cloudastructure’s devices will provide us with better communication tools for visitors, facial recognition software features, and enhanced tracking mechanisms that will proactively protect our residents, team members and communities in real time.”

To learn about the partnership and Revel’s approach to security in its senior living communities, MFE called on Ginni Ryan, senior vice president, operations, at Revel Communities.

What type of security concerns or risks can Cloudastructure’s platform address?

Cloudastructure is well known in the multifamily space for its award-winning security platform that utilizes a scalable cloud-based system for video surveillance with proprietary, state-of-the-art AI/ML analytics, a seamless remote guarding solution, and IoT cybersecurity. Revel Communities is the first in the senior housing sector to adopt Cloudastructure’s security platform and services as we continue to implement technologies that are new to the industry and lead the charge in providing best-in-class safety, security, and amenities for our residents.

Why is security important in senior living?

When families tour senior living facilities, safety and security are always their top concerns. According to a Promatura study on the baby boomer generation and the state of senior housing in 2023, 75% of all respondents found that 24-hour security services were both desirable and essential to living in a community.

Providing a safe and secure environment is a priority at Revel, which ultimately contributes to the well-being, physical safety, and emotional comfort of our residents. In addition to robust security measures—such as our partnership with Cloudastructure—access controls, panic buttons, and emergency response protocols help mitigate potential risks and provide reassurance for both residents and their families. By addressing security concerns comprehensively, independent living facilities can create a supportive atmosphere that allows residents to age gracefully, maintain their independence, and enjoy their golden years with peace of mind.

How has the pilot program at Revel Lacey been so far?

Our pilot program at Revel Lacey, one of our communities in Washington state, has been up and running since mid-October. As we hit our three-month mark, we are actively evaluating all available data, though the program has garnered positive feedback from our on-site team, citing a marked improvement in incident prevention and rapid response times.

Both residents and our team feel secure knowing that additional security measures have been implemented throughout the community to prevent and identify unwanted visitors. One particular feature, which allows us to voice chat with visitors through a security camera, has been used and has worked very well to determine whether or not the visitor was appropriate for the community. As the pilot program progresses, its success suggests a promising future for the broader implementation across Revel communities.

Are there additional security measures Revel implements for residents?

Yes, across our network of 13 vibrant independent living communities, you will find keycard or biometric entry systems to restrict unauthorized access. Additionally, subtle security measures are strategically incorporated into the overall design of our communities, such as well-lit pathways, thoughtfully placed entry points, and secure parking areas. As technology advances, Revel Communities will continue to incorporate safety features to enhance both security and convenience for our residents.

How has the need for security changed in recent years?

As technology has exponentially improved in recent years, the landscape of security offerings in senior housing has also undergone a significant transformation. Sparked by the immediate need for technology when the pandemic forced virtual environments, there has been a recent push in the industry toward integrating technology throughout senior living facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of seniors. Additionally, the rise of smart-home devices and interconnected systems has enabled a more personalized and responsive approach to security, allowing for real-time monitoring and swift intervention when needed. While this marks a move in the right direction, Revel Communities takes pride in being at the forefront of this transformative wave, understanding the need for a comprehensive and adaptable security framework that aligns with the changing dynamics of senior housing.

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