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The number of households with pets is on the rise. According to a recent Packaged Facts market research report, "Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S.: Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets, 4th Edition," more than half of American households have pets. The report also projected 4% growth in 2020 for pet ownership that would bring the total number of pet-owning households in the nation to nearly 71 million.

With this increase in pet ownership, has taken a deep dive to break down the top cities for Fido and Fifi, highlighting cities’ pet-friendly apartments and pet-focused amenities, such as off-leash parks, hiking spots, veterinary hospitals, and doggy day cares.

The firm analyzed the percentage of apartments in its database that are pet-friendly, allowing for dogs or cats, and examined the average cost of veterinarian services in large metro areas with populations over 100,000 as well as the number of pet-related businesses and parks per capita to come up with its rankings.

Greeley, Colorado, tops’s list for pet owners. About an hour away from Denver, it has a wealth of outdoor activities that renters can do with their dogs. It touts 10.2 pet businesses per capita (10,000 people) and 100% pet-friendly apartments. In addition, the average vet visit costs $36.86.

Charleston, South Carolina, comes in second. This historic city has its share of parks, trails, and even a dog beach. Charleston has 14.1 pet businesses per capita, with 92.9% of apartments being pet-friendly. The average vet visit costs $50.50.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is nicknamed Tree Town, comes in third with lots of green space for outdoor pet activities. Almost all of the college town’s apartments in’s database, 97.3%, are pet-friendly, and there are 12.2 pet businesses per capita. The average vet visit costs $51.03.

Rounding out the top five are Boulder, Colorado, with 90% pet-friendly apartments and 13.1 pet businesses per capita, and Tyler, Texas, with 85.2% pet-friendly apartments and 15.1 pet businesses per capita.

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