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Thanks to today’s massive dating app culture, meeting new people and partners has become easier than ever before, but meeting the right person to settle down with can still come as a challenge. According to a new Rentonomics report from Apartment List, these challenges of dating could vary based on a resident’s location across the country.

To see which cities are best for singles, the apartment search website refreshed their original report from Valentine’s Day following four simple metrics—40% focused on dating satisfaction, 20% on social satisfaction, 20% on dating affordability, and 20% on the percentage of singles within the city. Out of 130 ranked cities, see who fared out best and worst below.

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Atlanta took the top ranking with a 91.3, reporting high scores for dating satisfaction, 93, and social satisfaction, 95. The city also received a bump for its percentage of singles score.

Madison, Wis., comes in right behind Atlanta with an 88.3. Report authors Justin Chaplin and Sania Tran say the dating pool may not be as deep as other cities with only 60% singles, but ranks near the top in dating and social satisfaction with a 98 and 99. The Wisconsin capital city offers brewery tours and University of Wisconsin football games at a relatively affordable price.

The nation’s capital got the bronze medal for best cities for singles with an 88.3. Across the board, singles in Washington, D.C., gave the city an 88 in dating satisfaction, a 98 in social satisfaction, and an 81 in date affordability. Several surrounding suburbs, such as Arlington, Va., and Alexandria, Va., ranked No. 6 and No. 10 as well.

However, the researchers found gender disparity among D.C. singles, with 53% of men satisfied with dating opportunities and only 31% of women satisfied. Single women are most content with their dating prospects in Minneapolis, No. 7 on the list, with 43% satisfied and men at 47% satisfied.

On the opposite side of the list, four California cities make up the bottom five. Stockton is the lowest-ranked city on the list with a dating satisfaction score of 9 and a social satisfaction score of 1. Anaheim, Bakersfield, and San Bernardino rank third, fourth, and fifth-lowest, respectively.