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Eighty-three percent of apartment residents believe living in a green community is beneficial to their health, and 59% would pay more to live in a green or sustainable community.

Those are among the findings from AMLI Residential's 2018 Sustainable Living Index, which surveyed more than 4,200 of the developer's U.S. apartment residents, in cities from southeast Florida to Southern California, to find out how their attitudes about the environment affect their choices on where to live.

The annual survey, which was expanded for 2018, also found that when asked about the importance of living in a sustainable and eco-friendly building, an estimated 80% of respondents ranked the option as either "very important" or "moderately important."

“This year’s survey shows that apartment residents remain concerned about the environment and are committed to making lifestyle choices to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Phil Tague, president of AMLI Residential. “The residents surveyed are mindful of how daily activities and where they live might impact their health as well as the environment.”

The study also found that 84% of respondents believe in global warming and/or climate change. According to data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, AMLI’s percentage of positive responses to this question is higher than that of the U.S. population at large. The Yale data, published in 2017, state that 70% of Americans believe global warming is happening, and only 50% express certainty in the concept.

Most respondents to AMLI's Index (62%) were millennials, but the belief in global warming is consistent across all generations who completed the survey. Roughly 89% of Generation Z, 88% of millennials, 80% of Generation X, and 74% of baby boomers believe in climate change, the survey determined.