TikTok carries the reputation of being one of the top social media channels in the world. User and time on the app statistics are staggering. The channel, dominated by those aged 18 to 34, is also becoming a booming advertising platform.

Andrew Cederlind
Andrew Cederlind

Apartment communities are seeing this opportunity as one they cannot ignore and are adding it to their social media marketing budgets in growing numbers.

Conversion Logix, led by president and COO Andrew Cederlind, is at the forefront of this approach—one he says will emerge powerfully in the next 12 to 18 months. It is estimated that by 2025 TikTok will top YouTube as the largest viewing platform.


“One of the biggest misconceptions about TikTok is that its ads don’t work,” he says. “We see the opposite; and just like what happened with other dominant channels, such as YouTube or Facebook, when a social platform or app introduces advertising, it can be dismissed and seen as simply trendy entertainment.”

Cederlind says TikTok is a maturing channel in its early adopter curve that right now is undermonetized given its massive audience. Forty-three percent of TikTok’s users are aged 18 to 24 and 32% are 25 to 34, which are definitely worthy and valuable demographics for marketers wanting to reach prospective residents.

“Looking at cost per click and cost per thousand, it’s only a couple of bucks,” he says. “That’s pretty affordable.”


Another misconception is what TikTok content style is effective, Cederlind says.

“The key is to establish the objective or goal of the ad—to fill the apartment, not to be viral,” he says. “It’s not about relying on organic content or being outrageous with a crazy dance. These ads are designed to capture attention. It’s just the classic four keys of marketing where you’re just trying to get in front of the right person at the right place and right time, and put the offer in front of them.”

Cederlind says TikTok ads can work well in lease-ups—communities that have heftier marketing budgets. They can also work in stabilized properties or seniors housing. Class A student housing is the most obvious sector, he says, given the residents’ ages.

Call to Action

In creating the ad, Conversion Logix does the graphics, the overlay, and the call-to-action message.

Cederlind says his team can work with organic video touring clips or images to bring authenticity and then package it with text and images. The ads are built in a more traditional manner with motion graphics and basic information that allow viewers to swipe up to learn more or schedule a tour.

TikTok allows the ads to be 6 or 15 seconds, which is probably all you need, he says, or as long as 30 seconds. While music choice is crucial for organic posts, Cederlind says stock music works well for advertising and subtitles should be included.

He says marketers should track completion rates for their ads and try to reach 4% to 6% as well as hope to get a less-than 50% bounce rate.

In a sample of multifamily and student housing campaigns, TikTok ads delivered high volumes of impressions and quality traffic. Additionally, these ads demonstrated higher ad engagement and increased brand recall by lifting organic search traffic, paid search, and direct traffic.

Conversion Logix welcomes that chance to optimize its clients’ marketing spend through the fastest-growing channel in the world.