Marking a step toward transforming maintenance operations from a challenge into a strategic advantage for multifamily property owners and managers, HappyCo has launched Centralized Maintenance, powered by its custom-trained artificial intelligence (AI) companion JoyAI.

The platform automates and optimizes everything from real-time scheduling and technician matching to 24/7 resident communications and remote technician expertise.

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“We’ve had hundreds of conversations with property owners, managers, and technicians to pinpoint their biggest challenges around centralization—maintenance topped the charts,” says Jindou Lee, founder and CEO at HappyCo.

“Labor shortages, inventory management stop gaps, and highly manual scheduling have delayed repairs while incurring unnecessary costs and lost time for too long. At HappyCo, we’re proud to give maintenance operations and teams the attention and innovation they deserve.”

The platform, which offers real-time resident updates and task allocation, can boost retention through a better resident-technician experience. Also offering messaging and self-service options, JoyAI matches work orders with qualified technicians using a catalog of skills and certifications.

“Today’s residents don’t just want things fixed; they expect on-demand, high-touch service, and updates throughout the work order life cycle,” says Owen Fleming, director of capital projects at HNN Communities. “With Centralized Maintenance and AI-powered scheduling, we’re excited to help our property teams balance tasks and valuable time that match their core expertise and needs of the residents we serve.”

Centralized Maintenance can also streamline inventory management to improve spending. By tracking in-unit and warehouse inventory, technicians can order parts and appliances through the platform, while property owners and managers can gain insights from work order data.

"We know that a great resident experience is predicated on the efficiency and consistency of maintenance and hard work behind the scenes—inventory management plays a big part in this," says Ben Nowacky, chief product officer at HappyCo. "Centralized Maintenance ensures accountability and visibility at levels, all while enabling property teams and technicians to deliver superior customer service. When issues are resolved swiftly, satisfaction and retention only surge—and that’s what impacts the bottom line.”

The platform is the newest product in HappyCo’s integrated line up, including Happy Asset, Happy Property, and Happy Force.