Online multifamily training provider Grace Hill has made its sexual harassment training courseware available for free to the entire multifamily industry. The company’s move was made in response to the new Department of Justice (DOJ) initiative to combat sexual harassment and assault in housing in its enforcement of the Fair Housing Act, which covers sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination prohibited by law.

The sexual harassment courses are available in both English and Spanish, and may be accessed on Grace Hill’s Visto training platform. The courses include 15-minute learning modules, which allow users to self-pace their learning process. The modules make use of real-life examples and track mastery quizzes of learning objectives.

“One of the most important things when you think about training anyone on how to follow the law, and we’ll use sexual harassment as an example, is not only teaching them the law, but how to apply it in situ,” says Dru Armstrong, CEO of Grace Hill. “Our sexual harassment course, just like all of our compliance courseware, is really focused on teaching people what they need to know so that they can be successful in their job and they can be prepared to handle anything that comes at them.”

Grace Hill provides fair housing and other property management training for over 1,400 multifamily companies, including over 75% of the industry’s largest companies. The company has also outlined step-by-step guidelines on how its clients can strengthen their sexual harassment policies on its website.

“As a country we’re in a watershed moment,” says Armstrong. “As the female CEO of a technology company and as somebody who has trained as an attorney, I feel a responsibility as the industry leader in compliance training to make these resources as broadly available as possible. …It’s our responsibility as the leader to make our courseware available to anyone that felt like they wanted to invest the time so they could be better prepared.”