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Grace Hill, a provider of talent and performance management solutions for the multifamily and commercial real estate industries, has unveiled the winners of the 2024 Kingsley Excellence Awards and the 2023 Ellis Customer Experience Best in Class Awards.

These awards rank the highest-performing property management companies that exceed industry standards and deliver outstanding customer experience.

“Achieving and sustaining resident satisfaction in multifamily housing has never been more critical. With an increasingly competitive landscape, it is through listening to residents, leveraging survey tools, and implementing responsive changes that property owners and operators can differentiate themselves. The pursuit of excellence in resident satisfaction is a fundamental strategy for driving property performance and enhancing retention,” says Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill. “Resident satisfaction is the linchpin in cultivating thriving communities and achieving operational and financial success in multifamily markets.”

Established in 2018, The Kingsley Excellence Awards recognize the top 100 performing properties for overall resident satisfaction. The Elite 5 category was created in 2022 and comprises three tiers of property management companies based on unit counts.

Winners of Tier 1, comprised of clients with over 30,000 units, include:

  • Windsor Communities;
  • Cortland;
  • Greystar;
  • Village Green; and
  • WinnResidential

Winners of Tier 2, comprised of clients with 10,000 to 30,000 units, include:

  • Rose Associates;
  • PRG Real Estate;
  • Wood Residential;
  • Mill Creek Residential; and
  • Northland Investment Corp.

Winners of Tier 3, comprised of clients with less than 10,000 units, include:

  • AVE by Korman Communities;
  • New Forum;
  • HILLS Properties;
  • Benchmark Management Corp.; and
  • Walnut Capital

To view the top 100 performing properties for their overall satisfaction, visit the Multifamily Top 100.

The Ellis Best in Class Awards, which were launched in 2014, are based on resident surveys and are given to the top 10% of performing properties. The surveys focus on five key touch points—lead conversion, move-in, maintenance, pre-renewal, and move-out.

The top 10 winners are:

  1. Highland Square, managed by Guardian Management, in Cottonwood, Arizona;
  2. The Residences at Willow Ridge, managed by Willow Bridge, in Northampton, Pennsylvania;
  3. Marlowe, managed by Quarterra, in Chicago;
  4. Inman Park, managed by Willow Bridge, in Raleigh, North Carolina;
  5. Town Center Station, managed by Guardian Management, in Happy Valley, Oregon;
  6. Monroe House, managed by Champion Cos., in Westerville, Ohio;
  7. Woodbury Commons, managed by Zaremba Management Co., in Parma, Ohio;
  8. CitySide Apartments, managed by Longboat Enterprises, in Sarasota, Florida;
  9. Sonoma Ranch, managed by Sunrise Management, in Santa Rosa, California; and
  10. Mountain View Apartments, managed by Evolve Management Group, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina

To view the complete list, visit the 2023 Ellis Customer Experience Best in Class.

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